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      John Hight: WoW was so huge when I first discovered it. going through it, you could feel the majesty in WoW the first time it appeared. What is the best way to keep this with an expansion? The imagination that went into each of the zones, as well as the introduction of new races into your character playable, was an amazing experience. I’m able to recall having preconceived notions regarding what Burning Crusade would be, and they were much smaller than the actual experience it would become and the anticipation of crossing the dark Portal…I did my best to avoid knowing what I would encounter on the other side. I didn’t participate in the early stages, so it was quite an experience.

      It’s time to revisit it. The Burning Crusade Classic through WoW Classic is an amazing experience to see it complete circle like this. Are there things you see or notice more now or more thoroughly?

      Brian Birmingham: Definitely. I would say for me that it was really the beginning of WoW Classic itself, but one thing I really recognize now that maybe I didn’t know was that essential social stickiness that results from having the desire to form your own team. There are definitely the wonderful conveniences of “I have the option of joining a different group of dungeons at lunchtime,” in modern WoW but then going back to Classic and having the same experience, “No, I’m going to think about the way I’m going to tackle this dungeon. I need to get my game group in order. I’m going to invite people who are my friends and search for new friends when I don’t have enough. I must also put some effort into the process.” …that created these types of groups a bit stale and made me feel that they were crucial and were the first steps for a long-lasting friWorld Warcraftcraft. I’m grateful for that information the experience of Burning Crusade and it’s definitely altered my perception of how important that is.

      John Hight had the unstoppable desire to fly, and I think I tried to optimize a somewhat too much in getting to the level. As a result, I’ve leveled a few alts , and then I’ve delved back to the same place and there’s many amazing stories. If I could give one piece of advice to players, it’s to slow down, don’t be too fast. The wings will be there. They’re not going away. Therefore, you must discover all of it as the questing will be… some of our most memorable. I love dad jokes. So some of the best dad jokes are contained in the book, so I would say to enjoy it.

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