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    We use the command line tools to process the cortical extraction sequence then the svreg sequence. (Windows machines, calling command line tools via Matlab). Infrequently the process is interrupted and fails to do svreg. It seems not possible to reproduce the problem. The same file might run fine on one computer and not another. Or, it might fail on a machine but work perfectly the next time it is attempted on the same machine, perhaps helped by a reboot?
    I wonder if it is a memory management issue? Or has anyone else had such a problem? We have not been able to troubleshoot why or when this will occur. I wish I could be more specific.

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    Anand Joshi

    SVReg is a bit memory intensive, so if you running multiple subjects simultaneously, then it might fail due to memory issue. Also please make sure that most all the other program windows are closed.
    Please make sure that you are using the latest version (19a). I can’t think of any other reason.

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