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      The circular economy principles primarily focus on the three R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. It is truly a sustainable practise that drives increased optimisation of resources, a major shrink in the utilisation of raw materials, and maximises recycling of wastes to give products a useful second life. Truth be told, the circular flow of economic activity is inspired by nature. Wondering how? Let’s explain. In nature, everything, big or small, is of good value. Waste, too, is sustainably refurbished to serve as a promising resource. Similarly, circular economy brings a well-designed and sustainable framework into the limelight. The model endeavours to keep raw materials, products, and services in a closed loop and keep them in circulation for as long as possible.

      Karo Sambhav, an acclaimed social enterprise in the country, is dedicated to making circular economy and sustainability a movement. The producer responsibility organisation brings responsible, sustainable, and tech-enabled waste management services to the forefront and accelerates transformative solutions at scale. The organisation implements a strategic policy approach, also known as EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility), motivating industries and manufacturers to take responsibility for maintaining and optimising a product’s lifecycle.

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