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      To do this first, open games on the console. Next, open the ‘Features’ tab . Then choose the option ‘Controller Settings’. After a few seconds, you’ll notice a feature called ‘Shot Timing release Time’.This specific feature can change the way you leap shots for NBA 2K23. A lot of people do not make good shots because of poor timing. With some tweaks to the settings as well as the Best Jumpshots, you will see an instant increase in the quality of your shots.

      Shot Timing Release time determines the best time for you to press the shot button during that jump shot. The best way to go about it is set this option to “Early”, which is the most utilized option. The majority of the best NBA players maintain their shot timing release times at “early”. This is because it gives you that extra edge at making the perfect green shot in the game.

      Simply put, choosing the selection to ‘Early’ informs the game that you wish your green screen to be at the bottom of the bar for jumping. This allows you to release the button quickly and get a green jump shot during NBA 2K23.You don’t need to tweak any other settings, but you have the option of going through the settings of the ‘Shot Timing’. However, we suggest not to do this, as you only need to switch up the release time for Shot Timing and make it ‘early and not the other options.

      Finally, to get the best shot in NBA 2K23. you will have to acquire the most effective shooting badges. These badges are focused on different types of shooting. However, as we’re currently on the subject of jump shots, we’ll go over the most important ones. There are many great jump shot badges within NBA 2K23 that you can earn after you’ve spent a few points within the game.

      We have included at least one badge per tier. For those who are just beginning their journey, you can go for one of the Tier 1 badges for the first time. Once you have spent enough points. It is then possible to advance to the higher tiers and receive the next jump shot badges. At this point, we’re at the end of our guide. If you follow all of our steps and practice your jump shots, we will assure you that you will start scoring 3-pointers even with your eyes closed. We have covered all the build types so you can select the ideal Shooting technique for your players in NBA 2K23.

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