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      E-waste management in India can be improved in a variety of ways. Karo sambhav, however, contains a few crucial elements that might be combined to enhance e-waste management in India. Customers in cities are not well-informed or aware of the prices for e-waste and its components. Karo Sambhav provides market data on e-waste prices in an attempt to attract clients who will sell the e waste to local merchants. The majority of an informal e-waste recycling workforce requires upskilling, particularly for handling and disassembling hazardous products. should keep in mind the national push by the central and state governments to raise public awareness of the Karo Sambhav Training and Awareness Program, which helps supplement the upskilling of informal sector workers regarding the risks associated with e-waste. Karo sambhav is constantly evaluating the efficacy of e-waste regulation and making changes as needed.


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