Circular Economy for Plastic Waste in India

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      Karo Sambhav initiated the creation of a circular economy for plastic waste.

      Plastics use has increased twentyfold in the last 50 years. While the material has many advantages, we now know that there are negative consequences if it is discarded or polluted. Initiatives like Karo sambhav’s waste management program that incorporate circularity into existing products and processes can lay the groundwork for a future business model. Switching to renewable and recycled inputs, developing circular product design, or extending product life through buyback program, repair, remanufacturing, and resale are all examples. Importantly, our successful circular strategies focus on scalable opportunities and the development of repeatable models. Innovate to make the plastics that we do require reusable, recyclable, or compostable. This necessitates a combination of business model redesign and innovation in materials, packaging design, and reprocessing technologies. The following six steps are used to complete the plastic recycling process at Karo Sambhav: gathering waste plastics, categorizing plastics, washing to remove impurities, shredding and resizing, identifying and separating plastics, and compounding.

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