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      08 Useful WhatsApp Features for Business – WhatsApp for businesses emerged in the app stores as a means of communicating and transmitting messages online. However, with the popularization of its use, it integrated new functions available to users.

      Therefore, the success of this application was so great that even companies began to use it to optimize communication with their customers. In this way, they obtained better results and boosted their sales and profits.

      Therefore, considering the usefulness of WhatsApp for business, find below 8 Useful WhatsApp Features for Business to facilitate your business demands.

      Table of Contents
      What is Whatsapp?
      How to download WhatsApp?
      8 WhatsApp features for Business that make your demands easier
      product catalog
      One-on-one and group video calls!
      Muting groups or people
      Mobile data savings
      broadcast list
      Multi-device beta
      Word highlighting (bold, strikethrough, and italics)
      Uploading videos without audio!

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