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Hi David,

The BSS works. Due to a patsy 0.4.0 version will give numeric error:
Running the statistical model. This may take a while…
Something went wrong. Please send this error message to the developers.
Unexpected error: <type ‘exceptions.ValueError’>
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 89, in bss_run
statsresult =
File “C:\Miniconda\lib\site-packages\bss\”, line 88, in run
statsresult = self.commands[self.model.analysis_type + ‘_’ + self.model.stat_test](self.model, self.stats_data)
File “C:\Miniconda\lib\site-packages\bss\”, line 242, in anova_np
X_design_full = dmatrix(model.fullmodel, data=sdata.demographic_data) # Design matrix for full model
File “C:\Miniconda\lib\site-packages\patsy\”, line 278, in dmatrix
NA_action, return_type)
File “C:\Miniconda\lib\site-packages\patsy\”, line 152, in _do_highlevel_design
File “C:\Miniconda\lib\site-packages\patsy\”, line 57, in _try_incr_builders
File “C:\Miniconda\lib\site-packages\patsy\”, line 706, in design_matrix_builders
File “C:\Miniconda\lib\site-packages\patsy\”, line 88, in __init__
raise ValueError(“For numerical factors, num_columns ”
ValueError: For numerical factors, num_columns must be an int
Elapsed time 0.526000022888 sec.

I updated the patsy to version 0.4.1

Now it works great.

Thank you very much!